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Carr Design provides marine design services from concept development to manufacturing design and documentation for a variety of boats, yachts, and commercial vessels. Though we often provide our services to a private yacht client, we primarily support custom yacht builders and boat manufacturers. As a resource to the in-house team, builders are able to take advantage of our diverse experience, creative passion, and advanced computer surface modeling as well as our independence and flexibility.

Our creative attention is typically directed to exterior styling and design, interior planning and arrangement, furniture design, pilothouse design, and ergonomics. Throughout the design process, we align with naval, structural, and systems engineers to assure successful integration of the yacht’s design and its marine engineering.

At any one time, development projects may include superyachts, a passenger ferry, a production cruiser, or simply a new chair. We may also be outlining a re-fit program for an owner’s current yacht or providing digital visualization in support of a builder's in-house design team.

We would be happy to discuss your next great custom yacht, or how Carr Design might support your in-house team with collaborative design and a fresh eye to your product image!


Exterior Yacht Design
Client consultation / market analysis to establish development criteria
   •    Concept exploration
   •    Design development and documentation
   •    3D surface modeling
   •    Digital rendering or traditional illustration

Interior Architecture
Interior planning and arrangement
   •    HVAC and mechanical system integration to interior package
   •    Overall design theme development for furniture, interior components, and surfaces
   •    Custom / signature feature development

Pilothouse Design
Sightline confirmation for exterior views and component arrangement
   •    Compilation of navigation / communication / systems equipment package (vendor + builder)
   •    Organization of components through requirements of ergonomics, system function, and operational role
   •    Detailing required for component installation and builders construction methods

Furniture Design
Custom furniture design
   •    Built-in furniture design for custom or production vessels
   •    Furniture module development
   •    Standard detail development for custom yachts or production series boats

3D Surface Modeling
Alias / SGI based surface modeling for exterior design and interior packaging
   •    Advanced modeling for fairing, component assembly, and tooling aspects
   •    Sightline true view over deck
   •    IGES file transfer for tooling development

Digital Visualization
Photorealistic pre-construction visualization from 3D master model
   •    Design confirmation for the client
   •    Collateral images for advertising
   •    Detail views for manufacturing

Design Management
Manufacturing issue forecasting and resolution
   •    Coordinate related engineering support to facilitate prototype development and final construction
   •    Management of design objectives through engineering, tooling, construction, and final detailing
   •    Refit program development and management
   •    Client reporting with digital photography and private online project sites


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